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Carlow and Kilkenny County Councils vote for commercial rates increases

Commercial rates in Carlow and Kilkenny will rise by 5% and 3% respectively

The Cathoirleach of Carlow County Council says they are targeting larger and more profitable businesses with a 5% rates increase

The rise in commercial rates was agreed upon at the local authority’s budget meeting for 2023 yesterday (Friday).

Cllr. Brian O’Donoghue says they have to recoup the increases in costs that affect the budget through the charges on bigger companies.

Speaking with KCLR News, he says, “We’re using the rate increase to really take in extra funding from the very large businesses, the utility companies, the very large supermarkets, who have been making considerable profits, and we felt that it’s right that we try and go after some of that funding.”

Kilkenny councillors also agreed to put up their rates by 3%

However, both local authorities are shielding smaller local businesses from the increase with an improved rebate and prompt payment incentives.

Acting CEO Sean McKeown says this means anyone with a lower payment will not have to pay more.

He says “It’s been done in such a way that the prompt payment incentive has also been increased so that any business that avails of thatprompt payment incentive that currently pays less than €4000 in their rate demand will see no increase next year in the amount of rates that they pay to the council.”