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Carlow Councillor outlines concerns re speeding tickets

Fergal Browne raised the issue at the county's latest Joint Policing Committee meeting

A Carlow Councillor’s raising concerns about speeding tickets.

It’s after 71 fines were handed out to drivers across Carlow and Kilkenny last week within just 24 hours during National Slow Down Day, the highest detection for any garda division across the country. (Details here).

The campaign across the two counties was carried out by local gardaí in conjunction with operators of GoSafe, Ireland’s speed-camera network.

Cllr Fergal Browne’s told this week’s meeting of Carlow’s Joint Policing Committee that GoSafe’s been “mercenary” in their approach and he wants more transparency from them noting “Certainly it will be interesting to see the number of speeding tickets issued by the GoSafe vans as opposed to by the Garda Siochána themselves and maybe that might become available at the next meeting of the Joint Policing Committee and that is the forum where you can air these issues and they are all playing their part in improving road safety and that’s in everyone’s interest and it’s just to make sure that it’s being done on a pro-bono basis but hopefully it the graduated system was brought in it would make a big difference”.

He adds “The speed vans certainly have contributed to making our roads safer and saving lives no doubt but there has to be a little bit of common sense in between as well on their exact location and hopefully, we don’t penalise decent motorists who are just slightly over the speed limit.”

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