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Castlecomer Discovery Park to receive funding under the Geoheritage Grant Scheme

The grants aim to tell the story of Irish geology and increase public engagement

Castlecomer Discovery Park in Kilkenny is one of six community-based projects around the country to recieve funding under the Geoheritage Grant Scheme run by Geological Ireland.

The grants, valued at up to €10,000 each, help encourage the telling of the Irish geological story, improve the understanding of geoscience, and to increase engagement with local groups throughout the country.

Castlecomer Discovery Park recieved €5000 to develop a geological map of the Castlecomer area, which will also be presented on physical paper trail guides.

Cian Gill, Education and Outreach Manager at Castlecomer discovery park outlined to KCLR News where the funding will go; “It will involve consulting with geologists, getting text written, getting it professionally recorded, sound effects, the construction of some physical items to go around the park, the creation of maps with input from geologists, so that they can take all of this scientific information and make it easily accessible for the public.”