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County Carlow bridge struck by another vehicle

It's not the first time the Tullow structure's been hit

A large stone on Tullow Bridge has been dislodged after being hit again by a vehicle.

The area’s seen an increase in traffic recently due to a combination of roadworks, return to school runs, farmers harvesting & bad weather.

Cllr Will Paton can’t understand how it happened telling KCLR News “This seems a bit strange that yet another vehicle has been able to hit the side of the bridge closest to the bridge house in Tullow, one single stone has been removed, presumably to be put back up in the next day or two, it’s a bit strange because the carriageway to the bridge is now three to four foot wider, you’d imagine lorries would be able to clear it easier but I can certainly recall before any of these bridge works took place that particular spot was hit once or twice before so maybe it’s not that unusual”.

Cllr Paton adds thankfully nobody has been hurt to date noting “It wouldn’t matter if it was just a small brick or a very large granite stone, there’s always an outside risk of somebody could be hurt, thankfully on all of hte occasions in recent years where there has been a hit nobody has been hurt but I think it beholds large vehicle drivers to take a little bit more care about what they’re doing , the area in front of that particular stonework has plastic bollards in front of it to keep people right back from the bridge area so if you can plough through a plastic bollard to hit the bridge there’s got to be an element of careless driving happening here”.

Photos with thanks to a KCLR listener