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“Division will weaken our society and allow hate to flourish” says member of new movement

Public meeting 'Stand Up, Speak Out: Empowering Our Voices for 2021' takes place from 7:30pm

A grassroots movement against the far-right will be officially launched later.

The Le Chéile group is holding a public meeting online at 7.30pm, titled ‘Stand Up, Speak Out: Empowering Voices for 2021’.

The event will incorporate the official launch of Le Céile: DIversity Not Division (DND), a “Civil society organisation that recognises that division will weaken our society and allow hate to flourish and grow as we’ve seen from history” as steering committee member Stephaine McDermott outlines.

The Kilkenny based Carlow College lecturer told KCLR News “Our pledge is to resist the far-right and to stand in solidarity with those they seek to target and mind those they have targeted and continue to target, our immigrants, refugees, Travellers, women, the LGBTQI community, religious minorities and other marginalised groups, so basically what we’re trying to do is we’re calling on all community organisations, sports clubs, businesses to join us in the work to reject the principles of the far-right”.

For more information or to take part in this evening’s digital gathering click here