Moments with Monuments

Moments with Monuments – a programme series that looks at some of the stories behind the plaques and memorials found in Kilkenny city and county. Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and Kilkenny County Council Heritage Office

  • Episode 1 – Lion the Dog

    Captain Larry Scallan, James Stephen’s Barracks tells us about Lion

  • Episode 2- 1798 Plaque in Castlecomer

    Local historian Margaret McGrath gives us the low down on the Battle of Castlecomer and the plaque to its memory

  • Episode 4 – The Raggedy Bush

    Historian Pat Nolan tells us the story of the Raggedy Bush, on the Kells Road Kilkenny

  • Episode 3 – Six hanged men in Galmoy

    In August 1824 six men were hanged in Galmoy for the murder of John Marum. Padráig Ó Macháin tells us the story behind the plaque to their memory

  • Episode 6 – Thomas Moore & the Kilkenny theatre

    Richard Hyland gives us the low down on Thomas Moore’s association with Kilkenny and the Kilkenny Theatre

  • Episode 5- the Callan Curates

    Historian Joe Kennedy tells us about Callan in the mid 1800s and the Callan Curates

  • Episode 7 – St Leonard’s Well

    Ned Kirwan tells us about St Leonard’s Well which is located on his land in Dunnamaggin

  • Episode 8 – The Castlecomer Miners

    Former miner Seamus Walshe gives us the background to the history of mining and the plaque erected to the miners’ memory at the entrance to the Deerpark Colliery a few miles outside of Castlecomer

  • Episode 9 – Humphrey O’ Sullivan

    Joe Kennedy local historian living in Callan gives us the story behind the plaque erected to Humphrey O’ Sullivan placed over the door of his former home on Green St, Callan

  • Episode 10 – St. Patrick’s Brass & Reed Band

    St Patrick’s Brass & Reed band have enhanced festivities and celebrations in Kilkenny throughout the years. Trombone player Pat Hollande tells us a bit about the band

  • Episode 11 – The Friary Street Ambush

    Two IRA soldiers were shot and mortally wounded in the course an ambush on Friary Street during the War of Independence. Captain Larry Scallan from James Stephen’s Barracks gives us the background to the events surrounding that day on 21st February 1921.

  • Episode 12 – The Fire Insurance Plaque

    There’s a tiny little plaque with the sun on it on a wall along the Parade Kilkenny. It holds a big story and goes back to a time in Ireland in the 1700s when there was no public fire fighting service. historian Pat Nolan explains how insurance companies were responsible for putting out fires in properties insured by their company. To enable the fire men to identify which property was insured by which company a “Firemark” like the one below was placed on the wall of the building.

  • Episode 13 – Sergeant John Byrne

    Sergeant John Byrne, from Castlecomer, was a recipient of the Victoria Cross and his life came to a sad ending following an illustrious career in the British army. Susan Garrett, historian who has an interest in military history, tells us his story in this week’s ‘Moments with Monuments’ series

  • Episode 14 – Fr Matthew in Paulstown

    Fr John McEvoy, former parish priest of Goresbridge and Paulstown fills us in on events in Paulstown when temperance priest Fr Theobald Matthew arrived in the town in the mid 1800s

  • Episode 15 – Henry 3rd Marquis of Waterford

    Julian Walton recounts a short story of the life and tragic death of Henry 3rd Marquis including details of the cross erected to his memory in Corbally Wood, South Kilkenny (Photo by Kieran Campbell)

  • Episode 16 – James Switzer

    Historian Pat Nolan gives us insight James Switzer had in mind when he built Switzer’s Asylum

  • Episode 17 – Welly in Stone

    Chairman of the race committee, Chubby Brennan, who gives us an insight into this annual New Year’s Day Wellie Race.

  • Episode 18 – Peg Washington Way

    Graiguenamanagh is home to the smallest lane in the world!

  • Episode 19 — Millenium Garden Gathabawn

    Local man from Gathabawn Paddy Fitzpatrick reveals the story behind The Millennium Garden in Gathabawn

  • Episode 20 – Darby O’ Brien

    Local historian Jim Nolan told us the story behind Darby O’Brien.

  • Episode 21 – John Locke

    Local Historian Joe Kennedy the story of John Locke, hurler and patriot.

  • Episode 22 – Benchmark

    Local historian Pat Nolan gives us the history and science behind the Benchmark existence.

  • Episode 23 – Alms House Inistioge

    Local Historian Carmel Cummins gives us an insight into the life of the Sarah Tighe.

  • Episode 24 – Assembly Room Graiguenamanagh

    Owen Doyle from the Local Historian Society fills us in on the Abduction of two sisters in 1779

  • Episode 25 – Freshford ICA

    Patricia Watson was a member of the guild at the time and she tells us about her times in the ICA and the plaque erected to the association in the Millennium Gardens Freshford.

  • Episode 26 – Angels Well

    Fr John, the prior of the Black Abbey tells us the story how the water source became known as ‘Angels Well’

  • Episode 27 – Battle of Goresbridge

    Edward Moran from the Barrowvale Historical Society who tells us about the skirmish and the fate of Fr John Murphy and his group

  • Episode 28 – Brennan Clan

    In 1990 over 2,000 people descended on Castlecomer historian Máire Downey who recalls the events around that time

  • Episode 29 – Missing Persons Monument

    In a secluded part of the Castle Park and is a bronze column composed of casts from the hands of family members of missing persons

  • Episode 31 – Tom Lyng

    Local historian Máire Downey tells us about a man who was principal of the Boys National School in Castlecomer, and author of the well renowned book ‘Castlecomer Connections’

  • Episode 30 – Mass Bush

    Eddie Synnott a member of the South Kilkenny Historical society tells us about Irish Catholics in Penal times

  • Episode 32 – Callan Bridge

    Joe Kennedy from the Callan Historical Society gives us an insight to the historical importance of the Callan Bridge

  • Episode 33 – Tomas Cloney

    Owen Doyle, member of the Graiguenamanagh Historical Society tells us about Thomas Cloney, one of the generals of the 1798 rebellion was the only leader to survive

  • Episode 34 – George Jones

    ‘George Jones sat here and showed everyone the way’ George’s twin brother Eamon explained the story behind the plaque

  • Episode 35 – Bishop John Ireland

    John Ireland came from Burnchurch and he became the first Archbishop of Minnesota. He commissioned the construction of the beautiful cathedral of St Paul’s and was pivotal in setting up educational institutions in the area. John Ireland Boulevard is a …

  • Episode 36 – Bennettsbridge Creamery

    We go to Bennettsbridge and meet historian Peggy Walpole who gives us an insight into the activities at the creamery which operated in the village for 72 years from 1910 to 1982

  • Episode 37 – Inisitoge Road Sign

    Over 100 years ago Ireland was adjusting to the arrival of the automobile. Petrol was sold in chemist shops, the road infrastructure was very poor and road sign directions, like the one below where only in place in towns. Brian Lacey PRO of Kilkenny Mo …

  • Episode 38 – The Battle of Carrickshock

    Tithes were the bane of the small farmer’s lot in the mid 1800s and in 1831 the farmers in the Carrickshock area had enough and resisted the collection of the tithes. This resulted in a bloody battle and many fatalities with heavy losses incurred by th …

  • Episode 39 – The Gardener’s Grumble

    On a grassy patch among the beautiful ruins of Kells Priory there is a plaque of limestone with a poem inscribed on it. It was written by poet Kerry Hardie for the 2008 Kilkenny Arts Festival. In this ‘Moments with Monuments’ programme Kerry Hardie tel …

  • Episode 40 – Ollie Walsh

    Seamus Reid a member of Thomastown GAA club and PRO for the Kilkenny County Board tells us about flamboyant hurler Ollie Walsh

  • Episode 41 – Battle of Knocknagress

    Local historian Paddy O’Neilll tells us about Patrick Walsh and John Quinn who were killed during the War of Independence

  • Episode 42 – Stroan Fountain

    Stroan Fountain was installed by landlord Gervase Bushe for his tenants.7 years ago it was restored with funding from the Follies Trust and is maintained by locals, in particular Richie Cody from the Tullaherin Duchas Heritage Society who tells us all about it in this programme

  • Episode 43 – Tony O’Malley

    Jane O’Malley talks about her husband and soulmate the artist Tony O’Malley

  • Episode 44 – James Hoban

    Ennisnag historian Donal Sheridan tells us about James Hoban and the three monuments to his memory in Kilkenny

  • Episode 45 – Eamonn Law

    Gary Law talks about his father Eamonn Law who was a talented and well-known handballer from Mullinavat

  • Episode 46 – War Memorial

    Monument maker Aileen Ann Brannigan talks about the memorial she was commissioned to make for all those Kilkenny people who took part in war around the world  

  • Episode 47 – Lisdowney Story Stones

    Larry Hamilton explains the significance and story behind the Lisdowney Story Stones    

  • Episode 48 – St Moling

      Eddie Synnott from the South Kilkenny Historical Society tells us about St Moling and the well, statue and plaque erected to his memory    

  • Episode 49 – 1st Football match played under GAA Rules

    Declan Nolan tells us about the first football match played under GAA rules which took place in Callan

  • Episode 50 – Eddie Power

    Owen Doyle from the Graiguenamanagh Historical Society tells us about much loved local character Eddie Power and the plaque erected to his memory

  • Moments with Monuments Documentary

    In this documentary the significance of plaques and memorials is explored as a reflection of our local history, heritage and culture. With contributions from Dearbhala Ledwige, Heritage Office with Kilkenny County Council, James Eogan, Transport Infras …

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