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Domestic abuse victims should draw courage from the first conviction for coercive control

So says the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre is hoping domestic abuse victims draw courage from the first conviction for coercive control.

A 52 year old man became the first person to be found guilty by a jury of the offence, under new domestic violence laws.

He intimated and isolated his ex-girlfriend and began answering her phone.

CEO of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, Noeline Blackwell, says coercive control is a pattern of manipulative behaviour noting “For all the survivors just to know it is not proper and even though part of the manipulation is to convince people that they are the problem, and this woman said as well yeah that she was told that she was the piece of rubbish, no, that’s not the case and this is an important statement and our law is there for everybody in that situation”.