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€1.4 million granted for Kilkenny’s Watershed sports complex

Funding has been granted today that should make The Watershed in Kilkenny even more inclusive.

So says its CEO, after €1.4 million was approved for the local sports complex.

Tina Dowling says the focus of their grant application was to make their facilities more accessible to people with disabilities.

She told KCLR News today that works – when they do start – shouldn’t be too disruptive for members:

“Absolutely, that thought process will have to be worked through but there are different phases with this and different elements of it.

“It won’t be all just one job that would have to happen in one time. I would hope that we’d be able to work around that and that there would be minimum distruction to the full facility.

“Once we get the full details of what’s to come and what we can do, we’ll work through that.”

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