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Episode 6: Supplements Special

Tomas Keogh of Tomas Keogh Pharmacy dive into the world of supplements, specifically mutivitamins, vitamin D, fish oils, iron, and much more.

Tomas Keogh of Tomas Keogh Pharmacy located in Kilkenny in New Park Shopping Centre joins us today. Tomas is an expert when it comes to all thing wellness & supplements. He has just wrapped up a really informative supplement series on their Instagram which received great interest & has many singing his praises for his help and knowledge when it comes to the often intimidating & daunting world of supplements. Here we talk about how you can spot a good multivitamin or supplement, how to know what you may need & we dive into the specifics of Multivitamins, Vitamin D, Fish Oils, Omega 3s, Iron & Magnesium.