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Fear that clamping will turn shoppers away from Carlow

Clamping in Carlow Retail Park will turn shoppers away.

That was a concern expressed by  Councillor Will Paton yesterday, who fears nobody will rent units if shoppers continue to be clamped in the retail park.

The size of the car park which is largely empty, most of the time, was pointed out and the fact that parking is free.

Shoppers have been clamped, however, for leaving the retail park while their car remained on-site.

Last week, KCLR Live contacted NCPS who manages the car park on behalf of a management company. They say they’ve clamped five cars in this car park so far this year. They also say that no appeals have been lodged to date.

Speaking to KCLR after the most recent meeting of Carlow County Council, Councillor Paton said the wrong message is going out.

He says the council is spending good money on trying to improve the image of the town and to attract people into the town. He says this (clamping) is counter-productive.