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GE2020: John Paul Phelan (FG), Jennifer Murnane O’Connor (FF) elected for Carlow-Kilkenny

That's four of five seats filled for the constituency.

Fine Gael will have one TD in the Dáil as John Paul Phelan has retained his seat for Carlow-Kilkenny.

He’s joined by senator Jennifer Murnane O’Connor (FF) who has overcome her disappointment from 2016 to claim a Dáil seat.

It took until the eighth count at Lyrath and the distribution of outgoing TD Pat Deering’s votes.

With 7,143 potential votes up for grabs, the party connection and Carlow connection won it out for both candidates.

On the party connection, John Paul Phelan managed to take 3,624 of those votes, with a further 2,078 heading the direction of Murnane O’Connor.

Bobby Aylward (FF) and Malcolm Noonan (GP) are the last candidates standing for the final seat, with 717 votes separating them, those in favour of Noonan.

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