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Glanbia Farm Show – 12/1/2017

Matt spoke with John Bambrick, Chairman of the Kilkenny IFA regarding the Dinner celebrating the historical 1966 farmer marches and both local and national IFA priority issues for 2017; in particular  the upcoming review of disadvantaged areas and the rumoured proposal to close the regional veterinary laboratory service in Kilkenny.

We had George Ramsbottom, Teagasc Dairy Specialist join us on the phone to discuss recommendations  for maximising grass growth, grass utilisation and milk production efficiency this Spring.

We heard from Professor Amy Radunz, of the University of Wisconsin in the United States regarding issues in US agriculture, her opinions on President-Elect Trump’s stated policies and the University’s agricultural programmes. We also heard from Robert Troy,  a speaker at the recent Positive Farmers Conference who had some suggestions on time saving during the busy Spring calving period.

Finally, Matt spoke briefly with our regular contributor George Candler about his personal health issues, highlighting the value of regular check-ups. We then heard the weekly Mart Report.