More than half fail driving tests in Kilkenny and Carlow

More than half of people who sat their driving tests in Carlow and Kilkenny in 2013 failed.

The Irish Times has been looked at the statistics for centres right around the country.

Both Kilkenny and Carlow are in the bottom half of the league table with just 46 percent passing in Kilkenny and 43 percent in Carlow in 2013.

In fact neither have fared well over the past number of years – Kilkenny had the lowest rate in the country in 2011 at 39 percent and Carlow was at 41 that year.

2012 saw better pass rates in both counties with Carlow passing the 50 percent mark while Kilkenny hit 48percent that year.

But it seems the West is best for passing with the highest rates in the country recorded in Tuam, Sligo, Ennis and Roscommon – each had a pass rate of more than 65 percent in 2013.

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