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Hundreds of African children to benefit from Kilkenny knitting efforts

Mooncoin native John Crowley will be sending blankets to Elkana Childcare

A Mooncoin man is thanking the Kilkenny community for their support in his charity efforts.

John Crowley works with the Elkana Childcare centre, which shelters vulnerable children in Cape Town.

He recently enlisted the help of knitters across Kilkenny to make blankets for the children.

John says the donated blankets will help young girls in desperate need.

“They will be going to 24 homeless, physically and sexually abused girls, between six and 16 years of age. There are also a few hundred other underprivileged poor children coming to the centre, so there’ll be a huge need for them. But those blankets will be a huge comfort” John told KCLR Live. “The people who put the blankets together can take great happiness from that, if they only knew the real joy and comfort they’re bringing to those children at a vulnerable stage in their lives.”

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