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Kilkenny hospital consultant predicts we’ll be dealing with Covid until 2022

Aut Even surgeon says we may not be free of the pandemic for another two years.

A local hospital consultant says we could still be battling the coronavirus towards the end of 20-22.

Neil Riley is an Ear, Nose & Throat surgeon at Aut Even Hospital in Kilkenny.

He’s told KCLR that there could be some side benefits like a drop in the amount of flu and other viruses.

But he says we might not be free of the pandemic for another two years:

“Currently the incidence of flu in Australia this winter is only 10% of what it has been in previous years, because of social distancing, and the alcohol rubs, and because of the masks of course. So I don’t know are we all going to be wearing masks forever, I don’t know. I mean the most recent discussion we had suggested that it will be 2022 before we ease off on this, which is a slightly depressing thought.”