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Kilkenny Junior Minister says the Dail vote was to create a new Super Junior Ministery, not increase pay

Minister Malcom Noonan says it could have been handled better

The Junior Heritage Minister says the vote last week regarding the pay for Super Juniors was a vote to create a new post rather than a pay increase.

The Dáil approved plans for three ministers of state to get an extra annual allowance of €16,000 on top of their €124,000 salary on Friday.

Minister Noonan says it could have been handled better as he says, “just to note what was voted for on Friday was not a pay hike but the creation of a third super junior post and the salary scale for the Super Juniors was already in place from the previous government.”

“I would admit that it certainly could have been handled better and perhaps it could have been considered to be managed in a cost neutral way but this is not a pay hike,” he says.