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Kilkenny nursing home manager highlights Covid testing issues

The HSE wants Gowran Abbey Nursing Home to test 60 staff in a day

A Kilkenny nursing home manager says Covid-19 testing has been inefficient.

Mairead Parker Byrne of Gowran Abbey Nursing Home says the HSE expects her to test 60 staff in a day.

Mairead says 6 extra staff have been hired by the nursing home for testing purposes.

However, she claims that testing kits often aren’t delivered on time by the HSE for them to carry out the work..

She says it is wasting money to hire people for the increased testing.

“You’re paying people money to come in and do something, and yet the testing still hasn’t gone ahead this week, and then [in the evening] some guy comes to collect the testing kits, and I’m looking at him and saying “What testing kits?” We didn’t get them” she explained on KCLR Live.