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Kilkenny the place to be today as Bob Dylan and Neil Young roll into town

Almost 30,000 people are making their way to Kilkenny today to see two of the music world’s living legends.

There’ll be plenty of “Rocking in the hurley world” this afternoon as, Like a Rolling Stone, Neil Young and Bob Dylan roll into Nowlan Park!

The home to Kilkenny hurling will be packed with fans for the double-header with gates opening from 4 o’clock.

It looks like they won’t be Blowin’ in the Wind thankfully though, as the forecast for the afternoon is nice and calm.

The routes and car parks have been set out and restrictions on traffic and parking are in place.

Just Like a Huricane, it’ll all be over before you know it and the clean-up will then begin.

Glen Hansard will kick things off at 5 today, with Neil Young following at 6, and Bob Dylan at 8.45.

And whether you’re there for one or all three, I’m sure they’ll make you feel their love!

Here’s all you need to know

  • Route to and from the Concert.
  1. Traffic travelling to the event will be directed along designated routes to ensure that they arrive at the car park designated for that route. Each route will be colour coded and will coincide with the car parks in that area.

Traffic Routes:

Proposed Traffic routes are as follows –

  1. Traffic from Tipperary / Clonmel travel in to Kilkenny on N76 and onto the N10 and park in the designated car park at St. Canice’s Hospital– YELLOW CAR PARK
  2. Traffic from Waterford will travel to Kilkenny along the M9 and onto the N10 – parking will be provided at St Canice’s Hospital–  YELLOW CAR PARK
  3. Traffic from Wexford will travel along R700, joining the N10 and park in the designated car park at St Canice’s Hospital – YELLOW CAR PARK
  4. Traffic from Carlow and the East will travel in on R712 to St Canice’s car park – YELLOW CAR PARK
  5. Traffic from Dublin will travel down the M9 and along the N10 to St Canice’s Hospital – YELLOW CAR PARK or diverted to the New Orchard car park via the Ring Road depending on capacity. BLUE CAR PARK
  6. Traffic from the Midlands will travel via Castlecomer and N77 onto the N10 Kilkenny ring Road and will be diverted to car park at Orchard Bar Car Park, New Orchard Road– BLUE CAR PARK
  7. Traffic from North Tipperary and Limerick will travel via Freshford into Kilkenny and be directed to the designated car park at St James Park – RED CAR PARK


  1. Signage:


All routes to and from the concert venue and car parks will be clearly signed – the organisers in conjunction with An Garda Siochána will ensure adequate signage is in place the day before the event to ease traffic flow and for information of patrons attending the event – and more especially as patrons leave the event to return to their vehicles. The following is a map of Kilkenny with designated car parks assigned for the event, which are colour coordinated in order to help patrons to locate the correct car park once the event in finished.

  • St Canice’s Hospital, Old Carlow Rd, Kilkenny. YELLOW CAR PARK
  • St James’s Park, Freshford Rd, Kilkenny. RED CAR PARK
  • Orchard Bar Car Park, Johnswell Rd, Kilkenny. BLUE CAR PA


  • Parking:

Parking will be restricted as follows:-




Location: Start Time:

14th July, 2019

a. O’ Loughlin Road. 7.00am
b. Hebron Road. 7.00am
c. Dublin Road ~ Both Sides from O’ Loughlin Road to John St Lights. 12.00
d. Dublin Road ~ City side from O’ Loughlin Road to Carlow Rd. Roundabout. (Both Sides) 12.00
e. Castlecomer Road. ~ Army Barracks Side. 12.00
f. Wolfe Tone Street ~ Padmore & Barnes Side 12.00
g. Troysgate ~ Southern Side. 12.00
h. Bishopshill ~ Both Sides. 12.00
i. Dean Street ~ Northern Side. 12.00
j. Vicar Street ~ Both Sides 12.00
k. Pennyfeather Way ~ Both Sides 12.00
l. Newpark Drive ~ Both Sides 12.00
m. New Road 12.00



Road Closures

At 7.00am on the morning of the event, Hebron Road and O’ Loughlin Road, to the junction at the O’Loughlin road roundabout-surrounding Nowlan Park, will be closed to vehicular traffic. The alternative route will be via Pennyfeather Way between Hebron Road and Ballybough Street.

Local residents will be allowed through the barriers at the junction of O’ Loughlin Road and Hebron Road on production of ID with proof of address.  PSV vehicles and Taxi’s will also be allowed through the cordon where it is shown they are collecting or dropping off residents.


(D)   Parking.

Coach drop off / collection is to take place at MacDonagh Train Station, Kilkenny.

The promoters have provided the following list of parking areas for concert goers:

Cars will be accommodated in the following areas;


  • St Canice’s Hospital YELLOW CAR PARK
  • James’s Park RED CAR PARK
  • Orchard Bar Car park BLUE CAR PARK


Further parking is available at-

  • MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre,
  • Market Cross Shopping Centre,
  • Market Yard public car park,
  • Public parking throughout the city.


St James Park, St Canice’s Hospital, Cillin Hill and Orchard Bar Car Park are outside the city centre.

  • Public Service Vehicles.

There will be no disruption to designated public service vehicles stands. The only stipulation is that they will not be allowed inside the cordon after 3.00pm.