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Latest section of Abbey Quarter in Kilkenny City unveiled to the public

The outgoing CEO of Kilkenny County Council says many more openings are to follow

The latest section of Kilkenny City’s Abbey Quarter has been unveiled to the public.

Last Summer the long-awaited skate park and riverside garden were revealed (more on that here) followed by the Brewhouse and public realm just a fortnight ago (more on that here).

On Monday (30th May) it was the turn of the Tea Houses, two late 18th century/early 19th century buildings that sit across from the Market Yard, overlooking the River Nore.

Originally ‘pleasure houses’, going forward they’ve been given the collective name of ‘Isabel’s Tea Houses’, named after Isabel de Clare, daughter of Aoife (need MacMurrough) and Richard de Clare (aka Strongbow) and later wife of William Marshall.

Their future is as yet unknown, but the council has sought tenders from those who might be interested in running a business from them, perhaps a cafe style. There’s apparently a great deal of interest in them and aim is to have a tenant by the end of this Summer.

Outgoing CEO of Kilkenny County Council Colette Byrne finishes up in that role today (Tuesday, 31st May) and this marked her last public event to attend in that position:

Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform, Carlow Kilkenny Green TD Malcolm Noonan, officiated on the day:

The public was able to have a peek inside each of the buildings and KCLR News’ Edwina Grace asked some passing through what they thought of the work carried out and also spoke to some of those involved in that work: