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Local business man says he’s not “doing any damage” after concerns were raised with Carlow councillors

The land in question belongs to the local authority

A disagreement’s broken out over work carried out in St Mullins.

It’s understood concerns had been raised after a tree was cut down and shrubbery cleared.

Cllr Andy Gladney raised the issues at the recent meeting of Carlow County Council after they were brought to his attention.

He told KCLR Live¬†“People were complaining about an area just up beside the cemetery there which is local authority property and they were complaining about shrubbery and all that being cleared and why should certain persons in the area be allowed to take the law into their own hands and may have thought, I suppose, in their own mind they were doing good but a good few people in the area seem to think they weren’t”.

But Martin O’Brien of the Mullich√°in Cafe, says he was only trying to tidy up the area because the council wasn’t doing anything, noting “We are not doing any damage in St Mullins, this is being blown out of all proportion and I don’t know did Andy walk up and see what happened up there? Is there mass damage? There’s nothing touched up there, it’s brush, it’s an overgrown area, people walk a pathway through it”.

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