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Local nursing home owner says the sector needs a funding package to help them through Coronavirus crisis

The government have promised funding for public patients and to combat outbreaks but Anne Fleck Byrne says it's needed for private patients too

The government need to provide a more comprehensive funding package to help nursing homes through the coronavirus crisis.

That’s the warning from the owner of a local Nursing Home.

At the moment the government have promised funding for public patients and to combat outbreaks.

But Anne Fleck Byrne from Drakelands House says they will still struggle if extra funding isn’t provided for private patients too.

She said “The funding package is being provided for people who are currently receiving nursing home support, it’s not available for people yet who are paying privately in a nursing home, however Tadgh Daly is in consolation with government as regards that because it will make a significant difference to the financial package that would be available to a nursing home”.

Meanwhile Anne says they will be able to cope if they have a coronavirus outbreak.

They have not yet been any confirmed cases of COVID 19 at Drakelands House in County Kilkenny.

New government funding packages include money for them to prepare for a cluster outbreak with more cash promised to help deal it the situation if it happens.

The Drakelands owner says she’s now confident they’ll be able to cope if cases are confirmed.