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Loose snake discovered in Kilkenny city

Do you know anyone missing a snake?

An appeal is underway to reunite a loose snake with its owner in Kilkenny.

The snake appeared in local woman Tracey Burke’s house in Kilkenny city last Tuesday.

It stayed in the house for 3 days, before it was taken by the National Reptile Zoo.

James Hennessy works with the zoo and is caring for the snake.

He believes it likely didn’t travel far from its rightful home. “We won’t be holding onto him, because we tend to keep species for more conservation purposes. We’d ideally like to find his owner. [The snake] is not gone that long I don’t think, because it’s in really good condition. I don’t think he’s been on the go for more than a couple months. Chances are he came from within a mile or 2 mile radius.” he explained on KCLR Live.