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New traffic system in Callan to be looked at today

Cllr Matt Doran believes tweaks can be made to find solutions for issues raised

Callan’s new traffic flow is to be looked at today.

It came into effect on Saturday (read about that here) and KCLR News understands that a number of motorists appear to be oblivious of the new through road between Mill Street & West Street despite the signage & markings. While some on the school run in the town have reported up to 30 minute delays since the system went in on Saturday.

And there are residents of Bridge Street who are concerned about how deliveries of oil and other such drop-offs can be made with bollards close together along the route and nowhere for larger vehicles to pull in.

One such delivery’s expected today but Cllr Matt Doran, who will be meeting the roads team there today,  is confident that a solution to this & other issues can be found saying “It’s a new system, bollards on Bridge Street they are a temporary measure just to try & get it up and running but look we’ll have to try and facilitate those oil deliveries and that can be done, they advise anyone who is maybe having a delivery there to make contact with us, we’ll arrange some type of set-down there for them”.

He adds “But for the long term this system is going to work, it does need tweaking, tweaking around the school and that, look the idea was it only opened up late Saturday, we’re a couple of days into it, we’re going to have a look at it today, do some reviews, maybe make some adjustments to it and we’ll see how that goes”.

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