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Plans are afoot to introduce a virtual tour of OPW buildings, including Kilkenny Castle according to Minister Patrick O’Donovan

It's to help visitors with mobility impairments

There’s plans for a virtual tour of Kilkenny Castle to help visitors whose experience is hampered by mobility issues.

The Office of Public Works has piloted similar V-R experiences at other sites like Kilmainham Jail in Dublin.

Minister Patrick O’Donovan has been telling KCLR they are planning to roll it out at Kilkenny Castle in the future, saying; “A thing that we’re going to be hopefully rolling out to other visitor attractions, basically for people who would be mobility impaired who want to come to a visitor attraction and who find it difficult to get around so we’d be hoping to roll that scheme out to a lot of our visitor attractions in the coming years, Kilkenny Castle would obviously be an obvious one where people with mobility impairments might find it difficult to visit particular parts of it”.

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