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Question of a high speed commuter rail network for Carlow and Kilkenny raised by Kilkenny’s Mayor

Cllr David Fitzgerald asked about the possibility of an upgrade for the Waterford Dublin train line

Kilkenny County Council’s moving forward with its Climate Action Plan for the next five years.

The local authority’s responsible for emissions caused by its services which account for less than 2% of the overall county output.

Following an update, Cllr David Fitzgerald asked if the Waterford Dublin train line which serves Carlow and Kilkenny could be upgraded to a high speed commuter line.

It was something Cllr Pat Dunphy agreed with, saying it could significantly reduce cars on the road “There’s great lengths between various cities and towns, especially in the South East. If the service was there, and it was available at the right time, quite a lot o fpeople would use it, and I’m talking about people going to work. It would significantly reduce the amount of cars on the road from that point of view.”