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Rents continuing to fall across Carlow and Kilkenny during pandemic

That's according to the latest Daft report

The pandemic lockdown has caused rents to start falling locally.

That’s according to the latest Daft report which shows a 1.5% drop locally with a 2.5% average decrease across the country for April.

Supply has gone up in Dublin but not locally and economist Ronan Lyons says the change between March and April in Carlow Kilkenny is as a result of the unprecedented coronavirus crisis:

“Your econ 101 would suggest that you’d expect rents to rise when supply falls, what’s happening of course is, demand is falling even more”.

“People are losing their jobs, losing their income and that’s having an effect on the rental market and on top of that, people who would be living to the country, not being able to move to the country, students going home, all of that is affecting the demand side of the rental market that’s collapsing”.