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Scrambler bikes and quads causing public annoyance and havok in parts of Carlow Town

Work's underway to secure fencing on a stretch being used for the activity

“Relying on mountain bikes against a fast-moving vehicle is not equitable, not equal, not safe”.

That’s how a local Garda Sergeant summed up their battle with those causing public “annoyance” and “havok” on quad bikes, sometimes across the day and into the night.

Sgt Michelle Byrne was addressing Carlow’s Joint Policing Committee this week after questions were raised regarding an increase in such activity, in particular along the Tullow Road area where it’s claimed to be causing a nuisance and proving traumatic for some.

Cllr Browne said many in the area are hard-hit by this telling KCLR News; “Yeah, and scrambler bikes, and, look it, they’re on wasteland sometimes and the council I know are securing the fencing there currently to make sure that it can’t happen but there has to be a bit of consideration given to the residents living in the area especially if they’re on quad bikes late at night time and scramblers”.

He adds “It’s a huge inconvenience to the locals living in the area and every year we get complaints on it and the guards were very clear that they are motor vehicles and they can be seized if they’re on public lands without proper insurance and tax and everything on them and certainly we should raise it at the Joint Policing Committee”.

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