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Survey finds Irish Travellers feel discriminated against due to their backgrounds

Pavee Point is describing the poll's results as a 'wake up' call for the Irish State

Irish Travellers feel discriminated against due to their backgrounds.

That’s the finding of a new survey, which Pavee Point is describing as a ‘wake up’ call for the Irish state.

The Children’s Minister Roderick O’Gorman’s launched a new report today on the rights and living conditions of Travellers in this country.

Ireland has the second highest rate of reported discrimination within the six countries surveyed – the UK, Belgium, France, Sweden and the Netherlands. 68% of men and 62% of women experienced it.

10% of Travellers, including children report ‘going to bed hungry’ at least once in the last month, rising to a fifth in some countries.

Another of the key findings is they have the lowest rates of employment in all countries surveyed at 15 per cent.

Pavee Point Co-Director, Martin Collins says bullying is also a problem and most Irish travellers leave school early.

Over 90% of Travellers report there is insufficient and inadequate accommodation available, including halting sites.

The report’s been carried out by the European Agency for Fundamental Rights, Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre and IHREC.


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