Tech Talk #3: Blogging, Snapchat and Amazon Echo on KCLR Drive
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Tech Talk #3: Blogging, Snapchat and Amazon Echo

Fortnightly on a Thursday, Ken is joined by Alan O’Reilly of Carlow’s Blacknight Solutions to talk all things tech. With our next Tech Talk pencilled in for Thursday 25 May, here’s what happened last week.

We’ve spoken loosely about blogging before on Tech Talk with Blacknight’s Alan O’Reilly and with Bloggerconf on the horizon, the subject rears its head again on the latest round of Tech Talk, particularly about owning your personal brand and moving into blogging for revenue.

It hasn’t all been rosy for Snap Inc, home of Snapchat – previously billed as the hottest IPO of the year, their stock has taken a little bit of a battering and while ad revenues are on the rise, users by the numbers continue to pale against the growth of Instagram.

Finally, we turn the attentions to the Amazon Echo, which is now coming with an added visual aid. There’s a lot of tasty perks to having that type of technology at home – play your favourite music, request cooking videos, drop in video calls – but is there a risk with something in the house that’s always listening? Make up your own mind in the chats below.

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