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Terminally-ill Kilkenny woman says she was adamant she wouldn’t sign confidentiality agreement

Mooncoin woman, Vicky Phelan says at least three women affected by incorrect smear test results have contacted her.

The fallout from her case against the HSE and the US lab that tested her smear sample and gave her the wrong results is contuining.

Yesterday evening the clinical director of Cervical Check, Dr Gráinne Flannelly stepped down.

Vicky appeared on the Ray Darcy Show last night where she said she was adamant that she would speak out about what happened to her:

“The first thing that they put on the table – ever before looking at money or trying to settle this in a normal way, as I would think – was a confidentiality clause.

“Straight away that was what they were looking for… Keep your mouth shut and we’ll pay you off, basically.

“So I was absolutely adamant that I was never going to sign a confidentiality clause.”