The Bottom Line Tuesday Jan 29 2013

Back from Davos it was interesting to talk to Tom Molloy about his time in the Swiss mountain village where the leaders of the World’s top 1000 companies come to talk about the future and network.  Tom got to see some of the über networkers at close quarters and the main thing he thought was necessary was a keen focus on who you want to meet, energy and adherence to an ambitious schedule of meetings.

We hear so much about multi national companies that choose Ireland for its business friendly environment, our skilled workforce and our intelligent and talented young graduates.  It was great to meet Oliver McKenna MD of Unum Ireland and Dave McMahon who is vice President of Application Managed Services with Unum.  Unum are a significant employer in Carlow and the good news is they are hiring.  Check them out online


We’ve followed Connect Ireland since its launchlast March and Mark Graham of the company to talk about the 70 jobs they’ve created so far and to share the good news that Connect Ireland has been recognised for its innovative website which you can see here

And finally if you are looking to talk to someone about overcoming adversity and coping with tough times, talk to Paul McNeive.  Paul who lost his legs when he was only 20 forged a hugely successful business career and now shares his insights as a motivational speaker. He joined us on the show for a brief chat. Check out his website