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Travel Talk on KCLR Breakfast (Friday, 26th February 2021)

Tom Britton joins our John Walsh every Friday after 9am to talk travel

Vaccinations. We’ve needed them for years before departing for certain destinations, but with the Covid situation, talk of same has been known to spark a row or two.

Coronavirus is a constant when it comes to the chat and it’s always worth getting the official stance, which you’ll find here

Tom Britton of Marble City Travel joins our John Walsh on KCLR Breakfast every Friday morning to look at the ever-changing scene for his sector.

This week they discussed the jab that may be needed when things open up. Also on the cards was the possibility of changing travel vouchers back to cash, the potential of holidaying later in the year and coming up the River Nore on a cruise liner with Riviera.

We also heard about Aer Lingus’ new chief executive and St Pete’s Beach in Tampa Florida.

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