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Walk-in booster vaccine centre open in Carlow today

The centre at Cillin Hill in Kilkenny is closed today

The five month gap between a person’s second Covid vaccine dose and booster jab could be reduced.

Health minister Stephen Donnelly is considering the move, as the government looks at ways of increasing immunity to the Omicron variant.

It comes as the HSE has urged people waiting for boosters to remain calm following large queues outside walk in centres in recent days.

Walk in vaccination centres open again today. Here In Carlow, a walk-in centre is open at the Woodford Dolmen Hotel for anyone aged 60 and over until 1pm and again from 2 to 5 this afternoon.

Cillin Hill in Kilkenny is closed while the clinic in Waterford is open again today for those aged 50 and over until 5pm this evening.

The demand for booster shots comes after a study shows they provide up to 75 per cent protection against the Omicron variant.