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Moments with Monuments

Documentaries on KCLR
Moments with Monuments

Moments with Monuments – a programme series that looks at some of the stories behind the plaques and memorials found in Kilkenny city and county. Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and Kilkenny County Council Heritage Office

  • Episode 1 – Lion the Dog

    Captain Larry Scallan, James Stephen’s Barracks tells us about Lion

  • Episode 2- 1798 Plaque in Castlecomer

    Local historian Margaret McGrath gives us the low down on the Battle of Castlecomer and the plaque to its memory

  • Episode 4 – The Raggedy Bush

    Historian Pat Nolan tells us the story of the Raggedy Bush, on the Kells Road Kilkenny

  • Episode 3 – Six hanged men in Galmoy

    In August 1824 six men were hanged in Galmoy for the murder of John Marum. Padráig Ó Macháin tells us the story behind the plaque to their memory

  • Episode 6 – Thomas Moore & the Kilkenny theatre

    Richard Hyland gives us the low down on Thomas Moore’s association with Kilkenny and the Kilkenny Theatre

  • Episode 5- the Callan Curates

    Historian Joe Kennedy tells us about Callan in the mid 1800s and the Callan Curates

  • Episode 7 – St Leonard’s Well

    Ned Kirwan tells us about St Leonard’s Well which is located on his land in Dunnamaggin

  • Episode 8 – The Castlecomer Miners

    Former miner Seamus Walshe gives us the background to the history of mining and the plaque erected to the miners’ memory at the entrance to the Deerpark Colliery a few miles outside of Castlecomer

  • Episode 9 – Humphrey O’ Sullivan

    Joe Kennedy local historian living in Callan gives us the story behind the plaque erected to Humphrey O’ Sullivan placed over the door of his former home on Green St, Callan

  • Episode 10 – St. Patrick’s Brass & Reed Band

    St Patrick’s Brass & Reed band have enhanced festivities and celebrations in Kilkenny throughout the years. Trombone player Pat Hollande tells us a bit about the band

  • Episode 11 – The Friary Street Ambush

    Two IRA soldiers were shot and mortally wounded in the course an ambush on Friary Street during the War of Independence. Captain Larry Scallan from James Stephen’s Barracks gives us the background to the events surrounding that day on 21st February 1921.

  • Episode 12 – The Fire Insurance Plaque

    There’s a tiny little plaque with the sun on it on a wall along the Parade Kilkenny. It holds a big story and goes back to a time in Ireland in the 1700s when there was no public fire fighting service. historian Pat Nolan explains how insurance companies were responsible for putting out fires in properties insured by their company. To enable the fire men to identify which property was insured by which company a “Firemark” like the one below was placed on the wall of the building.

  • Episode 13 – Sergeant John Byrne

    Sergeant John Byrne, from Castlecomer, was a recipient of the Victoria Cross and his life came to a sad ending following an illustrious career in the British army. Susan Garrett, historian who has an interest in military history, tells us his story in this week’s ‘Moments with Monuments’ series

  • Episode 14 – Fr Matthew in Paulstown

    Fr John McEvoy, former parish priest of Goresbridge and Paulstown fills us in on events in Paulstown when temperance priest Fr Theobald Matthew arrived in the town in the mid 1800s

  • Episode 15 – Henry 3rd Marquis of Waterford

    Julian Walton recounts a short story of the life and tragic death of Henry 3rd Marquis including details of the cross erected to his memory in Corbally Wood, South Kilkenny (Photo by Kieran Campbell)

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