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Local Imam describes recent terror attacks as ‘despicable’ acts of violence

A local leader of the Islamic community says they feel like their religion is being hijacked.

Ibrahim Ndure of the Kilkenny Islamic Centre described recent terror attacks in Manchester and London as despicable acts of violence and brutality against humanity.

Speaking to KCLR’s The Way it is the local Imam says all of the local Muslim community feel the same saying ‘This is not our faith, this is not Islam”.

Meanwhile there’s tight security at Wexford Garda Station this morning where¬†a man is still being questioned over the London attacks.

He was arrested in the town yesterday afternoon after his name was found on documents belonging to terrorist Rachid Redouane.

Mr Redouane had been living in Dublin prior to Saturday’s atrocity when he was part of a plot which killed seven people.