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14 bags of rubbish found dumped in rural County Kilkenny

The discovery was made on Reisk Lane

14 bags of rubbish have been found in a county Kilkenny laneway.

The find at Reisk Lane, Corstown, Ballycallan’s been reported to the County Council and is expected to be collected and investigated in the coming days.

Cllr Michael Delaney says people need to ensure that they’ve engaged the services of legitimate waste collectors, telling KCLR News “I don’t know what’s going to happen to be straight but something needs to happen, I don’t know maybe is it you’d often see people advertising they’d collect your waste and they’ll dispose of it properly but there’s a few people have contacted me with relation to vans going around collecting rubbish and they know they haven’t a legal permit to dump or dispose of the rubbish properly, maybe these people need to be investigated, it’s obviously somebody like this is picking up the rubbish and disposing of it and putting the money in their pocket and going”.

The FF representative is calling on people “To really look at if they are using people that’s advertising to dispose of their rubbish that they look into and actually look at their permit, the licence is very clear, it’s dated, they have to be carried, there’s supposed to be a sticker on the van with their licence number on it so I would ask the people if they are using these services that they do ask the question, we just need to be more vigilant as to who’s collecting the rubbish and where they’re taking it and to see that they have the licence in place”.

Photo: from Cllr Michael Delaney