2,093 local students finish first day of Leaving Cert exams in Carlow and Kilkenny

State Examination Commission says we have 2362 teenagers sitting exams at Junior Cert level across the two counties

2,093 local students have finished their first day of exams in this year’s Leaving Cert, according to the State Examination Commission.

English paper 1 was first up this morning with Home Economics this afternoon.

The State Examination Commission says there are 1,999 sitting the Leaving Certs locally this year; with 1,086 in Kilkenny and 913 in Carlow.

It’s an almost even split by gender with just 7 extra girls sitting exams in Carlow.

There are also 94 locally sitting the Leaving Cert Applied

Between two worlds’ and ‘Life Lessons’ were the themes for this year’s Leaving Cert English Paper One.

English teacher and journalist Dymphna Nugent says the comprehension section sought personal responses.

At Junior Cert level the SEC says we have 2362 teenagers sitting exams with more boys than girls by a total of 134.

And the warning from Tyndal College Guidence Counsellor Gemma Lawlor is that some of those students are likely to answer a question that hasn’t been asked in the next few days or weeks – so she’s warning that all questions should be read carefully before starting to answer.

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