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30 families in Gowran in “absolutely horrendous situation” according to Kilkenny Cllr Denis Hynes as 41 children between them are without bus seats for new school term

Parents affected are wondering how to juggle work commitments with getting young people to school

41 children will have trouble getting to school today from Gowran due to an issue with bus tickets.

That’s according to local councillor Denis Hynes who says many people have not got seats for the new school year due to a lack of spaces for the demand that’s there.

Councillor Hynes says “It’s one of those situations that in most cases both parents are working, they have to go to work, they have to be in work for 8 o’clock and some working for the HSE they’d have to be in before that and do they desert their job and bring their child to school or how are they going to manage? So it’s an absolutely horrendous situation that the people in Gowran find themselves in at the moment, it’s not good at all”.

In all, there are 30 families from the area affected and Cllr Hynes says there is a solution “CIE’s position on this has been very clear, I’ve met with CIE, I’ve spoken to them on a number of occasions, they have a bus ready to roll, they have a driver and all so there’s no issue there, our understanding is the quotes are very competitive so there’s no additional cost on the taxpayer or the state for having to run the bus to Kilkenny as opposed to another school”.

There’ll be more on this on KCLR Live so if you’re family’s affected please do get in touch.

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