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300 lorry-loads of Kilkenny Limestone used to pave the streets of Brussels

Fans gathering in Brussels for the start of the 2019 Tour de France will be standing on a little bit of Kilkenny.

The fanzones in Brussels city centre, which have now opened ahead of the iconic cycling race on Saturday, are surrounded by 9-thousand square metres of Kilkenny Limestone paving stones.

The local limestone is being used in a major urban renewal project in the Belgium capital to make it more pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly.

300 lorry-loads have already been sent over by the local company with 100-more due to make the trek before the jobs finishes early next year.

By the time it’s done there will be 35-thousand square metres of Kilkenny Limestone slabs and 4 kilometres of kerbing adorning the centre of the city.