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39 patients waiting on a bed at St Luke’s General Hospital for Carlow and Kilkenny

49 people at the local hospital have Covid-19

The number of patients on trolleys at St Luke’s is up to 39 this morning.

28 people waiting on a bed are in the Emergency Department at the general hospital for Carlow and Kilkenny.

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO)’t saily Trolley Watch shows that there are 540 admitted patients seeking a bed in hospitals across the country, 460 of them in EDs with 80 on other wards.

Four others have higher figures: University Hospital Limerick (77), Cork University Hospital (65), University Hospital Galway (51) and Sligo University Hospital (47), while five are waiting at University Hospital Waterford.

Meanwhile, the number of covid cases at St Luke’s Hospital has fallen back slightly again to 49 but three people with the virus are still in the local Intensive Care Unit.