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584 empty business premises in Kilkenny city

More than 500 business premises in Kilkenny are currently lying empty.

Thats the findings of a recent survey carried out on the main streets and shopping areas in the city.

11.3 percent of commercial addresses recorded in Kilkenny in the first 3 months of 2014 were vacant.

It’s not as high as the national average but that figure has risen since the same time last year according to GeoView who carried out the study.

It means 584 of the 5 thousand 151 business premises in Kilkenny are empty.

James Street has one of the highest vacancy rates in the city centre at 18.7 percent but Market Cross and McDonagh Junction shopping centres both also have high rates at 19 and 33.9 percent respectively

This particular study focused on Kilkenny, Cork, Dublin, Galway and Limerick so doesnt include Carlow but previous studies have shown a higher than average rate of vacancies in the county at more than 13 percent.