The Lazy Rooster Aug 19th 2012

John Kinsella here,


Last Sunday was a very busy morning with lots of people calling and texting in to the show to wish the Kilkenny team the very besty of luck.


What a result!!! Roll on September 9th.


I had a proud Carlow man, Mick Del, living in Kilkenny for 45 years wishing the team the best but he says he will always be a Carlow supporter!


We had mixed fortunes with the horses. I tipped 4 and got 2 winners, one came second and I think the other one is still running.


There was plenty of suggestions on how people could spend their Sunday, keep them coming.

There was plenty of birthdays to call out along with Sunday morning greetings and hospital requests.

As busy as normal really…


See you next Sunday at 8am.


John Kinsella