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“A huge loss” says Kilkenny councillor Pat Fitzpatrick of Oliver Brennan who died in a house fire in Jenkinstown

His brother was treated for smoke inhalation but is understood to be okay

The Kilkennyman man killed in a house fire this week will be a huge loss to the area in Jenkinstown.

That’s according to local Cllr Pat Fitzpatrick who says Oliver Brennan was kind and friendly and well-loved and respected by everyone who knew him.

He was killed in the blaze which broke out before lunchtime on Wednesday.

His brother Dominick, or Dom, was treated for smoke inhalation at St Luke’s General Hospital but has since been released.

Cllr Fitzpatrick says this was a tragic accident to happen at the two brother’s family home; “That was the family home there, they had a little farm there that their father would have farmed away there on the edge of that lovely picturesque area and they’d be meeting everyone and greeting everyone, Dom would probably be to the fore more than Oliver but Oliver was always there and anywhere he met you he was always kind and had that word for you, just really, really well respected and well-loved in the area so he’ll be a huge loss”.

He adds “I’m really saddened because they were very much involved in the community supporting everything that was good in the community and always had a word for everyone, they went about their business in a quiet, and Oliver was a very quiet man as indeed Dom is as well, and went about their business and engaged about the hurling and they loved the community and Oliver, in particular, was a great fan of the black and amber”.

And Cllr Fitzpatrick says “The parish of Conahy and indeed the whole surrounding area and particularly the Jenkinstown area is absolutely in total shock at this tragedy that happened to poor Oliver, Oliver would have been a well-known man in the area, himself and his brother Dominick, or Dom as we all know him, would have lived there together in Jenkinstown in a picturesque area just on the edge of Jenkinstown”.