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Almost 5,000 drivers in Carlow and Kilkenny got penalty points for speeding in 2021

Added to that, 132 people were pulled up for not wearing seat belts

Almost 5,000 speeding drivers from Carlow and Kilkenny got penalty points in 2021.

That’s according to the latest figures from the CSO.

They were handed out to 4,981 motorists across the two counties with the majority, about two-thirds, to men at 3,185.

In all, 2,710 notices were issued in Kilkenny with 2,271 in Carlow.

There were also points handed out 132 times for local drivers who were not wearing their seat belts – again the vast majority, or one hundred of these, were men.

Senior GardaĆ­ recently reminded people of the part speed can play in road crashes.