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Autism Awareness Month starts today and one Kilkenny school’s already been undertaking projects

Tomorrow is World Autism Day

While tomorrow (Friday) is World Autism Day, a month-long awareness campaign kicks off today.

Pupils at a Kilkenny City primary school have already been doing their bit; classes of all ages at St Patrick’s De La Salle have been taking part in a range of activities, including creating superhero comic strips.

Ten-year-old Adam Sheridan, whose Mam Claire works with children with autism, is among those involved and he’s been filling in KCLR News, saying “There’s a little boy and he’s clicking a pen and he looks really troubled and the comic was teaching about autism and it says ‘this child has autism, he sees the world different’ and that man is out at the window saying he’s having a hard time because he is”.

Adam has some tips too for everyday interactions, noting “They don’t like people touching them and a great way to tell them to do stuff you say it with the least words as possible because they’ve fewer words to work with”.