Ayrfield win over KCLR and Galway beat Kilkenny

Ayrfield win over KCLR and Galway beat Kilkenny

Well its official Ayrfield Clinic have beaten KCLR in the Step Challenge. Over 3 million steps were taken by both teams of five each.

The official result;

Ayrfield; 1,440,510 steps

KCLR; 1,431,742 steps


Well done Ayrfield- we are devastated!


And what about Galways performance yesterday? Pretty devastating? Former All Ireland great John Power was on with us this morning and he remembered being on the Kilkenny team beaten by Galway in 2001.  He with other commentators this morning admitted being taken aback by the strength of Galway but said it was going to happen with some team that had worked and worked at juvenile level.

You can hear what John had to say here;

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