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Call for ‘Corona Challenge’ to stop

Online trend is incomprehensible, says TD

There are calls for people who cough or spit at others as part of an online to be penalised.

It comes as some young people are taking part in an online trend known as the ‘Corona Challenge’.

A man and woman reported to gardaí that they were coughed on in Co Kildare last Thursday.

Fianna Fáil TD for Kildare North, James Lawless, says people need to be aware of how dangerous their actions could be.

“Some social media group and trends are propagating this,” he said.

“I find this incomprehensible that anybody of any age, young or old, could have a mindset or think it’s funny to try and threaten or trick somebody into thinking they are passing on Covid19.

“We know there’s a two-week lead time.They actually could be passing it on because how do they know whether they’re infected or not.”