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Care needed by all as silage season gets underway in Carlow & Kilkenny

Extra vigilance is needed on rural roads as silage season gets underway.

Countryside residents & visitors are being asked by ICMSA to be mindful of this busy time for Irish farmers.

Chair of the organisation’s Farm & Rural Affairs Committee Denis Drennan is a farmer himself in Maddoxtown and has been telling KCLR News “It’s a very busy time on farms where there’s a lot of pressure on contractors and farmers to get their silage made for the coming Winter so we’re just asking people just to have a little bit of patience on the roads, there’s going to be a lot of machinery flying up & down roads, small boreens & country roads so just to be wary that as you’re approaching a corner you never know what’s going to come around the corner”.

Mr Drennan is also calling for those carrying out the work to keep in mind another consideration while on public thoroughfares noting “There’s an awful lot of LED lights and very powerful work lights on tractors now and if they could please turn these off when they’re coming onto the public road as they’re for working in the fields and they’re very distracting and blinding for other drivers you’re meeting on the roads and there’s no need to have them on the road once they have the proper front lights, dimmed lights & parking lights and lights on trailers you don’t need work lights blinding people on the road”.