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Carlow and Kilkenny play their part as Ireland achieves battery recycling target for 2021

16 batteries per person in Carlow and 13 in Kilkenny were saved from landfill last year.

Data from WEEE Ireland shows Ireland achieved a 46% battery recycling rate in 2021, reaching its EU directive obligations.

Carlow was above the national trend of 15 per person with a recycling rate of 16 batteries.

Kilkenny was just below average at 13.

A survey of 1,000 people, conducted online by Empathy Research, reveals that 28% of people are unaware that batteries contain valuable resources which can be used again.

Over 55’s are the most eco-conscious, with just 9% binning batteries – the lowest of all age categories – while 81% know they contain valuable materials.

Only 2% of over 55’s hoard them, but this rises to 26% for 18-34 year olds.

Data across all age groups shows a total of 16% of the population binning and 6% hoarding batteries.

While the vast majority who do recycle them, use retailers (47%), recycling centres (17%), WEEE Ireland collection events (16%) and local schools (11%).

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