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Carlow and Kilkenny see house prices rise faster than in most other parts of Ireland

That's according to the latest Daft report which is out this morning

House prices in Carlow and Kilkenny are rising faster than most other parts of the country.

The latest Daft report out this morning shows the cost of buying a new home in Kilkenny is up 13% on last year, while in Carlow it’s 11% higher than in 2019.

Report author and Trinity economist Ronan Lyons has been telling KCLR News that both local counties are in the top five for price increases, noting “Carlow and Kilkenny are seeing some of the biggest increases in the country, we analysed 54 different markets for the Daft report, in all 54 we’re seeing prices rising compared to a year ago but only in ten or so are we seeing prices rising by 10% or more year-on-year and both Carlow, where the rate of inflation is close to 11% and Kilkenny, where it’s 13%, are in the top five markets in terms of just how much prices are increasing right now”.

He adds it’s not as simple as saying more people are moving out of the cities because they are working from home due to the pandemic, saying “There’s plenty of urban markets where there’s lots of inflation and there’s plenty of rural markets where there isn’t as much inflation so it’s not a simple ‘people moving away from cities’ story, that said when you look at places like Carlow and Kilkenny they do have good access to the urban centres while being out away from the big cities and that make stand them in good stead, not just currently but over the next couple of years every figure out a new balance of work and therefore opening up options for where people want to live”.